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About Us, Our Vision &

Our Mission

The SDA Home Education Association exists to support current or potential home educating families. It aims to foster a sense of belonging and to encourage and facilitate an Adventist ethos in home education.

The main benefits for families joining the Association are:
* Support in carrying out the principles of true education in the home
*Being a part of a larger body especially when dealing with the public or educational authorities
* Coming under the umbrella of the broader educational work of the church
* Being informed about home education developments and events
* Networking, sharing ideas and resources with other families

“Love, the basis of creation and of redemption, is the basis of true education.” (Education, Pg 16)

Our Mission

Support and enable Adventist families in the practice of true education in the home

Our Mission

Our Vision

To help restore God’s original plan at creation for the education of children

We Need Your Support Today!

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