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What is a Launch Gap Year all about?

A gap year is about taking a break between two stages in life, For young people this can naturally happen between the end of high school and the start of further education, training or a full time job. Launch Gap Year will provide experiences in community, work, an opportunity to earn college credits, and an environment to spiritually grow within a loving community of like-minded believers.

Why should I consider taking a Launch Gap Year?

A Launch Gap Year isn’t just a chance to take some time off, it is an important opportunity to gain a deeper, replenishing connection with God, while exploring life goals, strengths, and interests in a supportive community. Many students don't know how to determine their next step and a gap year can be a good chance to grow.

How long does a Launch Gap Year last?

Launch Gap Year program lasts 8 months, September - April with a winter break over the Christmas holidays.

How much does a Launch Gap Year cost?

The 8 month Launch Gap Year program including tuition, room and board costs $13.000.

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