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Adventist Resources

UK Legal Guidelines for Homeschooling

Education Otherwise
This is a very useful website and provides information and resources for home educating families and those considering home educating for the first time, including guidance on home education and the law, SEN and disabilities and downloadable fact sheets covering many aspects of home education. Educating your child at home Educating your child at home - guidance from the UK government Guidance on elective home education Guidance for local authorities, schools and parents on elective education Advent Religio-Legal Perspective Website operated by retired Seventh-day Adventist Pastor and a team of legal professional advising and providing seminars on lectures on education developments in the UK and religious liberty.

Adventist Curriculum Resources

Sonlight Education Sonlight Education provides a Bible based Christian homeschooling curriculum that is modeled after the Hebrew system of education. The ministry offers many materials enabling you to design you own unique homeschool programme. Best of all, the materials are FREE. My Bible First My Bible First produces resources to help parents and churches capture the interest of children and youth to help them give their hearts to Jesus and learn to love and know the Bible. Ladder of Life
Minstry Helps UK
is a series of stories and coloring pages that teach values and how to develop Godly character. A series of 8 books now available in the UK from Ministry Helps

Health & Medical Missionary Resources

Medical Missionary Group Medical Missionary Group is a community of volunteer certified Gospel Medical Missionaries and Seventh-day Adventist doctors who have a passion for sharing Biblical Health Principes with the world.

Reading List & Resources on True Education

Education, EG White Child Guidance, EG White Adventist Home, EG White Studies in Christian Education, EA Sutherland The Broken Blueprint, Vance Ferrell Counsels To Parents, Teachers & Students, EG White Madison, God's Beautiful Farm, Ira Gish & Harry Christman Living Fountains or Broken Cisterns, EA Sutherland Counsels on Education, EG White A Thinking Generation Begun in 2012, A Thinking Generation is a ministry dedicated to helping answer the most pressing questions in early childhood today. Using the latest brain science and educational research, Joshua White paints a clear and compelling picture of God's methods of raising and educating children and pulls back the veil to expose some of Satan's most successful attacks on our children today. Click here to order seminar DVD from the SDA Home Education Associal Annual Convention 2019

Country Living & Agriculture

Country Living University (Dave Westbrook)
Country Living University helps families and individuals achieve a country lifestyle which empowers them to enjoy a better way of life with more personal freedom, greater financial independence, more family time, a healthier way of life, and better positioning to face the increasing impact of natural and man made disasters.

Adventist Resources

Ministry Helps We are Jack and Joy Rayne and our Ministry is called “Ministry Helps.” Our mission is to help anyone find the love and goodness of God. God called us to full time Ministry after we completed renovating our country home here in the beautiful hills of Wales. We dedicated our home and lives to the service of God. Our first venture was to sell Christian books by Mail Order and then we progressed into Bibles, Children’s Education Books etc. and then onto Christian Videos, CD’s and DVD’s giving the powerful three angels message for this end time. We offer some free resources for sharing.

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