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How God Answered A Prayer of Boldness For Caleb

Caleb sharing his crackers with the 2 dogs.
Caleb sharing his crackers with the 2 dogs.

Recently, I have begun a 30 day praying plan which encourages parents to consider a different character quality they would their children to develop. There are Bible texts to meditate on along a suggested prayer.

This morning, I was praying about boldness for Caleb to have more courage.

Later, while we were in the launderette someone came in with 2 small dogs. Caleb has always been 'nervous' around dogs so I wasn't sure how he would respond as I was 8 ft from where he was sitting.

First he pulled his legs up when they were sniffing around him. Caleb was nibbling on a cracker at the time when the dog took some. Instead of protesting and calling for me, Caleb stood up on the chair and proceeded to give the dogs the rest of his crackers!

This was a moment and clear indication that he has already started to answer the prayer from this morning. Thank you God for answered prayers.

Anouska Sammy & Caleb xx

Prayer Event & Resources:

A day of prayer, fasting and intercession

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