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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

(Law No. 2 of the 8 Laws of Health)

We all need oxygen to survive, without it we'll die sooner or later. It is very important what air we breathe in, city air is definitely not the best because of all the fumes imited and the pollution. That's why God advises us to live in the country, because the air is much purer. However, if you're not yet in the country, find a park with lots of trees, a body of water like a lake or river, or by the sea and breath.

It's also important how we breathe, most people breathe from their chest but we're actually supposed to breathe from our diaphragm which is under the lungs. When you breathe in, your stomach should go out and when you breathe out your stomach should go in and you shouldn't move your shoulders. In that way, your body will get the full supply of oxygen it needs to function obtimally.

Deep breathing cleans your lungs and gets rid of the impurities.

Fresh air helps to digest food more effectively, improves blood pressure and heart rate, strengthens the immune system, soothes nerves, helps to get rid of asthma, stimulates appetite, improves sleep, improves concentration and clears the mind.

Poor ventilation leads to a build up of carbon dioxide in the home, as the level of oxygen slowly gets depleted. Depletion of oxygen and a build up of carbon dioxide may result in shortness of breath, fatigue and severe headaches! It also gives way for mold! I know we don't usually like opening windows, especially during the winter time but it is really important that we do, even if it's just a crack. If possible, it's benefitial that we open a window a little while we sleep, so we don't keep breathing in our own carbon dioxide.

Happy Breathing!😃😄

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