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SDA Home Education Annual Convention with Joshua White

About The Event:

Theories abound in regard to the best practices for raising and educating children.

• Can we know what methods actually work best for our children?

• Could some of today’s most common practices be doing them more harm than good?

• Most importantly, what is the spiritual impact of our educational and child-rearing practices?

Answers to these important questions and many more…

What To Expect:

> Inspiring and thought provoking messages

> Latest developments in relation to home education and the Law

> Fellowship and connect with other homeschooling families

> Books and DVDs available for sale after sunset

About The Speaker:

Joshua White, Educational researcher & International Speaker

Joshua White, author, speaker, and child development researcher, is the director of A Thinking Generation Ministries. Through his extensive research in early child development and education, Joshua has discovered that the education of our young people for God’s kingdom, and the raising up of a generation to finish the work, must begin in the child’s earliest years. In his seminars, Joshua uses the latest brain science and education research to pull back the veil on Satan’s attacks on our children, and to clearly reveal God’s methods of training and educating children.

More details and registration: Click the link for all the details and to register

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